Kuinka toimimme? – Ketterä ohjelmistokehityksen elinkaari

REACTRON- How do we work?- Agile SDLC

Whenever Reactron says we are a customer-centric technology provider, we really mean it. Besides other software development methods, we use Agile software development as our main process flow. This allows us to be more adaptable and responsive to change, which is essential in the ever-changing world of technology. By using Agile methods, we can deliver […]

Miltä näyttää olla kehittäjä, jolla on liiketoiminta-ajattelu?

Jarvis Luong- CTO Reactron- How do it looks like to be a developer with business mindset

It’s easy to hear good things about developers. Many positive traits make a great developer, from an inquisitive attitude to problem-solving skills. But what if a developer also had an entrepreneurial mind? This combination is not only rare, but it’s also a must for software companies. Meet CTO of Reactron Technologies Ltd- Jarvis Luong, who […]