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Superflash’s vision was: the smart robot should run on Android and has the capability to receive orders and guide guests to their desired destinations. However, as a shell without sentience (and we do hope that it stays this way), there was no easy way for the robot to customize its behavior based on the guest’s needs.

Reactron provided Superflash with new technical knowledge that brought life to their smart robot – a software for personalized services.

Contribute to the Open-source

Steerpath has a long history of building indoor positioning and wayfinding experiences for cross-platform use. As part of this solution, the map engine plays a pivotal role, and rather than building their own, Steerpath opted to leverage the Mapbox map engine as a foundation. This high-quality and flexible map engine has now for years been a key piece in Steerpath’s SDK.

Steerpath ran into an issue deep inside Mapbox. With Steerpath’s own R&D team tied up with other work, they decided to reach out to Reactron as cross-platform mobile technologies are our expertise

One fits all – Office App

Aiming to replicate Twitter’s cross-platform success, Steerpath was looking for a cross-platform application that works for all Android, iOS, and Web while ensuring a stable experience across different platforms.

With an agile working process and expertise in React Native, Reactron Technologies helped to deliver a cross-platform app that runs smoothly on both iOS and Android, while it can also be a responsive web app on mobile and desktop.