From Code Autocompletion to Testing Automation: How CodeGPT Can Supercharge Your Development Workflow

Qaraton | From Code Autocompletion to Testing Automation: How CodeGPT Can Supercharge Your Development Workflow

Author: Janet Van, Full-stack Developer at Reactron Technologies Ltd In a short time of presenting itself before the public, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm with its ability to generate human-like responses to natural language questions. Its accuracy and well-structured answers have impressed many users. ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI. It runs on a […]

When is a good time to transition from Serverless to Monolith architecture?


Serverless architecture has become increasingly popular in recent years and is a valuable tool for developers looking to quickly and efficiently create applications from scratch. However, as applications grow and expand, business owners and developers may decide whether to switch from serverless architecture to monolith architecture. Making this transition is not always easy, and it […]

Securing Cross-Platform Applications and Beyond


There are many factors to consider when developing a mobile app, including which platforms to support. Some developers choose to release a native app for each platform, while others opt for a cross-platform solution. Which approach is more secure? Business owners are regularly concerned with the security of cross-platform applications, yet the reality is that […]

Why Migrate to AWS Cloud? Why choose Reactron?


Nowadays, the cloud adoption is rapidly gaining popularity as more SMEs migrate to this efficient and cost-effective platform. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging for companies to decide which provider to choose. This is where Reactron Technologies Ltd can help. In this blog post, Reactron discusses the topics of “Why Migrate […]

How do we work?-Agile Software Development Life Cycle

REACTRON- How do we work?- Agile SDLC

Whenever Reactron says we are a customer-centric technology provider, we really mean it. Besides other software development methods, we use Agile software development as our main process flow. This allows us to be more adaptable and responsive to change, which is essential in the ever-changing world of technology. By using Agile methods, we can deliver […]

What’s new in react 18? Four things you should know about REACT Development in 2022

Released in March 2022, React 18 is focused on performance improvements and rendering engine updates. Moreover, React 18 also includes several new features and enhancements. As a team passionate about developing innovative technologies, we present today’s blog to summarize the new features in React 18. At the same time, we will highlight why ReactJS is […]

Introducing React Native Android Location Enabler

Qaraton | Introducing React Native Android Location Enabler

At Reactron, we offer mobile applications on iOS and Android using React Native technology. Our goal is to offer rich mobile experiences without sacrificing quality and React Native has enabled us to bridge any native features to the JavaScript side. There was one feature which was requested by our customer a lot. Specifically, it is […]

Increasing Efficiency With DevOps in 2021

Qaraton | Increasing Efficiency With DevOps in 2021

Reactron’s main expertise lies in DevOps, we will share with you our top tips for increasing efficiency with DevOps. DevOps is the new hip technology and a lot of organizations want to apply it for their operations. However, not everyone knows how to implement it for maximum performance. Before DevOps In a software project, there […]

How To Adopt DevOps – 5 most important practices in 2021

Qaraton | How To Adopt DevOps - 5 most important practices in 2021

Transitioning to DevOps is a cost-effective move. However, that requires a change in culture and mindset, and not every organization understands how to adopt DevOps effectively. Therefore, to help businesses adopt and transition into DevOps culture with ease, here are the five key practices on how to adopt DevOps.